About Me & Contacting Me

Hey, I’m Devon! I like to screen print.

The screen printing process isn't easy- I tried to learn on YouTube- I still don't know everything. The process happens in my small apartment. First, I use procreate to make my designs, I print the design according to its life size on a garment, then I expose my boards with emulsion and wash them out in a tub that’s now turquoise (which I like more), and completely ruined my carpets with PERMANENT screen printing ink... did I say permanent. I also use my brother as a model, clearly he’s the good looking one in the family.

Anyways, I have always loved street fashion, think of me as the next “Supreme”, with all unisex clothing. I’m also not your conventional business owner, but it suits me.

So hey, that’s me! I hope you can wear a piece of my brain! It’d mean a lot to me. If you can’t, I appreciate the support and tell your friends. Tell all your friends! Also, don’t hesitate to ask to do a promotional deal. I’m down with a lot of things. 

Cool, well this was easy. Nice to meet ya. 

Best, (day ever- Mac Miller)

Devon Vogt

Owner and Founder of BlooTheory

P.s - below you can message me if you need to!